Ongoing creative experiments and discoveries


The impetus

Welcome to the new Black Rectangle. 

I've had the thought of "Black Rectangle" kicking around in my head for some time now. The original idea started almost as a joke as few years ago.  I kept thinking about how every new phone or device could really be boiled down to a black rectangle. Some may be larger or function faster, but everyone was looking at the same black rectangles over and over.

Through these Black Rectangles we experience a new part of living. We are connected to people we may never otherwise know about. We read, laugh, argue, and stay (mis)informed. 

This site is designed to be a collection of thoughts - some of them my own, others found or contributed. Its a creative project and something of a catch all for various ideas. A black rectangle: a clean slate.

One piece

There is one particular piece of writing that I found truly inspiring and is the kind of content I am shooting for on this site. Its called "Number Sign Wife Her If"  and it is exactly what this site is going for. It was inspired by a cheesy trending hashtag, but Mxrk (aka, "Mark") took that and turned it inside out and made something hilarious and wonderful.

I can't promise I'll be even half that great, but I had to start somewhere. 

I hope you enjoy the site and tell others about it.